” Aiming to improve the quality of economic management towards the goal in 2025 that Ho Chi Minh City will become the leading destination in the region in investment attraction, innovation, scientific & technological development and creating a fair and safe business environment for its people, businesses and sustainable development investors. Ho Chi Minh City decides to deploy the DDCI survey with its message: LISTENING – UNDERSTANDING – CONSENTING – BREAKING THROUGH” “

What is DDCI?

Department & District Competitiveness Index – (DDCI) (Department & District Competitiveness Index) is general index to assess various aspects of economic management and investment and business environment of provincial Departments, Sectors and Localities.

DDCI Method?

The Provincial Competitiveness Index is set up on the basis of the Provincial Competitiveness Index – (PCI) of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with USAID (USA). PCI is an index to measure and rank the quality of economic governance of provinces and centrally-run cities in terms of the investment and business environment to promote the development of private economic sector through their perception in the province.

DDCI is a reliable guide on the business environment for the province to come up with practical action programs to better meet the needs of businesses operating and investing in the province.

Component index

  • Transparency and access to information
  • Information technology application and digital transformation
  • Unofficial expenses
  • Time cost
  • Dynamism, creativity and efficiency of the departments, divisions, branches and district/rural district/city government
  • Business aid
  • Legal institutions, social order and security
  • Land accessibility and land-use stability
  • Fair competition
  • Roles of the heads of departments, divisions, branches and People’s Committees of district/rural district/city.
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