Assessment of competitiveness at Department, Sector and Local level – DDCI HCMC


  • Build a friendly, dynamic and practically responsive government image
  • Provide effective tools for higher-level state agencies to monitor and enhance administrative quality improvement of lower-level state agencies
  • Support leaders of state agencies to grab the assessment from enterprises and investors about their operation situation, from which they can select and implement improvement measures.
  • Create a healthy competition and emulation among state management agencies in improving the satisfaction level of investors and businesses.
  • Create a wide, transparent and reliable feedback channel for investors and businesses to contribute their ideas to state management agencies
  • Activate and promote orientally creative thinking at work, through changing the way of working to minimize the disturbance in administrative procedures

"Message "

Listening – Understanding -
Consenting – Breaking through

Open letter

In 2022, Ho Chi Minh City first implemented the competitiveness assessment survey at Department, division, sector and local-level – DDCI Ho Chi Minh City in 2022 (DDCI). With its action motto “Listening – Understanding – Consenting – Breaking through”, DDCI aims to:
  1. Drive competition and innovation at grassroots level through annual ratings.
  2. Empower the business community and relevant partners together with the city government to continuously reform and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of economic management towards a favorable, growth and sustainable business environment.

Core values

OPERATIVE CAPACITY ASSESSMENT TOOL: Assess the economic management capacity of departments, divisions, sectors and People’s Committees of districts and cities.
RELIABLE INFORMATION CHANNEL: Create a reliable, wide and transparent information channel for investors and businesses to contribute their ideas to build local governments, departments, divisions and sectors.
PERVADE MESSAGE: Create a strong communicative pervasion about DDCI 2022 as an important highlight in their efforts to improve the business investment environment.


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